Home for good oregon (HGO)

"Transforming lives through faith to increase public safety by reducing recidivism" 

Home for Good in Oregon is a program in partnership with the State of Oregon Department of Corrections. Through this partnership, we provide support for men and women who are transitioning from prison to community. We believe that community is the key to healthy recovery, and have witnessed men and women restore their dignity after paying their debt for their crimes.  We have seen lives transformed and faith renewed by the love of God through His people.  

How might you get involved with this ministry?

1. Through Prayer:  We start everything with prayer.   Pray for the men and women who are hoping to start fresh.  Pray for more ambassadors to join our team to become transition advocates.  Pray for boots, backpacks and bicycles!

2.  By Giving:  We are always seeking donations of money, new work boots, new or used backpacks and bicycles.

3.  By Serving:  We can offer you both initial and ongoing training to you get authorized by the State of Oregon to serve as a mentor in this "award winning" ministry.  

CC & HGO Recognized AS Model

in 2016 we had a visit from a team of journalists from the Journal Sentinel newspaper from Milwaukee Wisconsin come and visit Corvallis Church and our partner churches who are engaged in this ministry.

Check out the article here:


"For people of faith across Oregon, becoming a community that helps people means more than just praying for ex-offenders. It means helping them find housing, transportation and jobs. It means offering friendship and acceptance, as well as examples of how to transform a life of crime into a life of service."