We focus on a few things so we can do them with excellence!

  1. Stephen Series:  Corvallis Church is investing heavily in equipping our staff and members to engage with those who are facing a crisis in there life.  It's one thing to be willing to help someone through a death in the family, or a terminal illness, but it is another thing to be expertly equipped to be a present source of healing and hope.  Our goal is to have Stephen Ministers trained and certified by Fall of 2017.  
  2. Home for Good Oregon:  Jesus sets the tone that He is all about redemption.  HGO identified male and female prisoners who have done the work to prepare to transition from prison to a contributing member of the community.  Our HGO ministers come along side them during their transition and help them with basic needs, connecting with social services, job assistance and faith communities all over Oregon.  
  3. PNW Teen Challenge / HopeNW:  Chuck WIlkerson took a risk in sharing the gospel in inner city gangs inner city New York in the 60s.  Faithful response to the needs that they discovered lead to the most successful addiction recovery ministry known to man.  A one year, live in, discipleship program with a proven recovery curriculum, counseling and mentoring that empowers people to conquer addiction and live their lives to the fullest.  
  4. Church Planting:  We believe that God's plan for bringing His Kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven is through the local church.  We love churches of many forms! Since we launched, we have had a heart for church planting. We are part of a church planting network and we have be a part of planting churches all over the Pacific Northwest.  We have directly planted churches, and raised up and sent preachers, worship leaders and lay volunteers to church plants and ministries all over the world.    We are always seeking creative ways to plant new churches.